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    • Terry Wosmek says:

      Dr. Joel Harris is a highly educated professional, who knows the human body very well. He goes above and beyond the required knowledge, by listening to the patients needs, evaluating the human body movement and getting to the root of the issues and how to correct it. The nutritional products he offers are of the best quality and all tested by him. He won’t recommend something if he hasn’t tried it himself. I’m glad to have a trusted true professional chiropractor in Duluth.

      *Terry Wosmek- Personal Trainer

    • Margo Kulseth says:

      I have seen both Dr. Harris and Dr. Sundberg at Duluth Chiropractic Clinic. I was referred to them by a coworker when I first moved to Duluth last year. Both doctors use a natural approach by massaging the muscles before doing a chiropractic adjustment. Both are very nice as is the rest of the staff. I have never had trouble getting an appointment within 24 hours or less, including late in the afternoon when I’m done with work, and the location is convenient with free parking. I have also had a one-hour massage by one of the therapists at this clinic, and it was very good. I recommend this clinic to others.

    • Linda Strom says:

      When I first moved to town from the cities in 1997, I wanted to find a good chiropractor because I had chronic pain from a car accident. I tried a few different doctors, with disappointing results. Then I was referred to Joel Harris. He was trained in a very effective form of chiropractic – he combines massage to relax my muscles with very specific adjustments – no more than necessary. He has really helped me and I’ve been going there, as needed, ever since. I really like the responsive service and I can usually get in within a day whenever I call. He is knowledgeable about everything from body mechanics to diet/nutritional supplements to exercises that address my specific needs. I recommend him whenever I can. He has also helped my husband, who had given up on chiropractic many years ago, and resorted to back surgery. I told him about Dr. Harris…At his first appointment, Dr. Harris asked him if he realized that one leg was an inch longer than the other one. No one had ever identified that fact, and my husband began getting a lift in one shoe and it solved his back problems. Thank you Dr. Harris for everything!!

    • Pete Gallant says:

      Last year I competed in the Mr. / Mrs. All-Natural Minnesota bodybuilding competition. When I began my preparation for the show, I felt very fatigued and had very low energy. After Joel Harris began sponsoring me for the competition, I began using the supplements he suggested I try. I noticed a dramatic difference in my performance, energy level and recovery time. Throughout the next year I continued to use his supplements with very satisfying results. I’ve seen gains during this period I’ve never experienced in the 10 years I’ve been weight training. I’ll be starting my preparation for the Iron Viking bodybuilding competition and you can bet I’ll be asking Dr. Harris to sponsor me again this year. By far the best products I’ve every used!

      ~Pete Gallant
      Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer

    • craig tollefson says:

      I was never a believer in the chiro, as a matter of fact I told my brother he was wasting his time and money until I was told that my 6 month old daughter needed tubes in her ears and that was the only way to solve her painful ear infections. So I set up the appointments for the surgery, showed up and was told we cant do it because I had no health insurance, unless I had $5000.00 dollars cash. So we left to rethink the situation. In the meantime my brother mentioned the situation to Dr. Harris who quickly said bring her in free of charge for a consult. I thought no one is going to twist my daughters neck, but I finally gave in and one visit was all it took to change my mind on the subject of chiropractic. My daughter never slept so good (and so did my wife + I). A few more visits and she never had the problem with ear infections again. I go myself now, and I highly recommend it. Dr. Harris and his staff are awsome.Thank-You So Much.

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